Friday, October 26, 2007
I'm a Pig
Being away from the blogs for so long means I have been doing things other than blogging. The one thing I love to do other than sleeping is baking. Seriously. I prefer baking to cooking. And since my kids and family love eating the things I bake, I will bake even more *LOL*.

Now, with baking, it comes with tasting it yourself. I really very seldom eat the things that I make, but I do taste 1 or 2 as soon as they come out of the oven to see if they taste alright. But believe it or not, a little bit of tasting here and there plus a good sized appetite at normal mealtimes, I've put on a total of approximately 5kgs in the last few months! OMG!

I haven't been weighing myself as I do not have a weighing scale at home. I recently got one as a free gift from Citibank and got on it. I knew I have put on some weight from the clothes I wear, but 5kgs?! Now, tell me, how do I shed this off? I know the best way is exercising, but I'm a lazy bum and most times after work I'd prefer to rush straight home and hang out with the kids (or the notebook :P). I am trying to east less for dinner... less rice, more vegetables... (even that is kinda hard if we eat out). So, anyone with some bright ideas which doesn't cost a lot?


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  • At 26/10/07 4:17 PM, Blogger chanelwong said…

    All working mothers are like that...rush back from office to play with kid/s...Miss them right?

  • At 27/10/07 10:58 PM, Anonymous Sean said…

    Don't be so sad, work hard and you gonna loss your weight.
    Btw, I've tagged you @
    Hope you will write about it~

  • At 30/10/07 2:33 PM, Blogger Annie Q said…

    Yea, can see that u're really into baking now. The cheese tart really taste GOOD!!! Yum yum!
    No worries, bring ur kids to taman tun garden for the evening walk on sat & sun, sure u will have a good sweat! Call me if u go at least got gang ma..hahahaha

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