Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Caught Something at Port Dickson


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Monday, November 19, 2007
I Got...
Geez, and I thought it would be a straight forward post on what I got from being luck-less. But it was not to be...

I actually got a rice cooker! I have 2 at home already, one more will go straight into the store room until some poor soul invites me for house warming or something *LOL*. But but but... guess what? Just this morning, HR called me up and said, "Sue, I have something which you might not like to hear... when we drew your prize, you got a rice cooker, right? Well, HSL just told us that they do not have enough stock, so they have replaced your gift with an airpot."

OMG, what in the world is an airpot? Turns out it's a water dispenser which dispenses hot boiling water, something which I always thought was useful for confinement *keke*. Anyway, I don't know if it's better or worse, but quite resigned to it. So I just said OK. So now you have it, thank God I didn't get another toaster!! You guys are so teruk to guess me another toaster *LOL*!!

P/S: By the way, it's been like more than 2 weeks since the annual dinner and I still haven't gotten my hands on the cheapo gift... *bleh*

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Saturday, November 10, 2007
In my current company, we have annual dinner, well, annually. Sometimes they do it together with the annual trip (which is not so annual these days), sometimes by itself when there is no annual trip. We just had our annual dinner last weekend at The Grand Bluewave Hotel, which is the ONLY hotel of choice due to it being so close to office and I guess one of the more affordable hotels around here.

I must say that after so many functions being held there by our company for the past 3 years or more after my company shifted to Shah Alam, this is the worst they've done. The hotel staffs are totally unprepared for such a huge group of people. Decos are totally thumbs down and the service is downright bad.

After being seated and hearing some opening speeches by the CEO and Executive Director, we were invited to stand up for a toast... with empty cups! Tea wasn't served till much later (for half the tables there, of course those big shots seated in front got lah) and even the sauce plates were empty. I really don't mean to be critical, but aren't the sauce plates supposed to be filled up before the guests even arrive? Other than that, food were plopped down on the table without anyone serving us, we actually had to dish out the sharksfin and other foods by ourselves! And this is a hotel ballroom we're talking about!

That put aside, the gifts were shitty this year too... tonnes of stuffs which people do not want but something for everyone. Previous years, we had a lot of nice gifts. On top of that, there were special draws for early birds as well as door gift for all who attended. For the past 2 years, they kinda changed the whole thing and say that everyone will go home with a gift, no matter big or small. Well, I was wondering to myself, what's the point of having L-U-C-K-Y draw when what you get is shitty. Seriously, will it make you feel lucky if you were to get a toaster? Darn, if I wanted a toaster I'd have gotten one sooner than this (I did get a toaster for a lucky draw 2 years ago :S)!

Anyway, as I was saying, gifts were shitty this year. We have a total of 400 over gifts, only the top 27 were "good gifts" consisting of Mont Blanc pens, plasma TVs, notebook, etc. The remaining 400 or so, are all rubbish I tell you. IMHO, I'd rather not get anything and have like 100 tops gifts which are good ones than having 400 which are shitty ones.

So, what do you think I got this year?

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Thursday, November 08, 2007
Mini Cheese Tarts

As I said, I was in a baking frenzy every time I went back to my mum's... mostly it's because my mum has got all the baking tools I need whereas my house has nothing. Of course, like any chef at work, I have my own assistant, namely Apprentice Ivan *hehehe*.

helping destroy make the tart

washing hands after wasting some pastry

These cheese tarts are pretty easy to make and most importantly, my kids love it. It went well from the first time I made it. Got the recipe from my aunt who also happens to love baking. These days however, both kids like to eat just the middle, licking off the jam first and then the cheese, and leaving the crust on the table.

bite-sized cheese tarts

The next item I would love to try are some banana cupcakes and strawberry swirl cheese cake. I'm still looking for a nice banana cupcake recipe, if any of you tried and tested any good ones, do let me try it!


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Friday, October 26, 2007
I'm a Pig
Being away from the blogs for so long means I have been doing things other than blogging. The one thing I love to do other than sleeping is baking. Seriously. I prefer baking to cooking. And since my kids and family love eating the things I bake, I will bake even more *LOL*.

Now, with baking, it comes with tasting it yourself. I really very seldom eat the things that I make, but I do taste 1 or 2 as soon as they come out of the oven to see if they taste alright. But believe it or not, a little bit of tasting here and there plus a good sized appetite at normal mealtimes, I've put on a total of approximately 5kgs in the last few months! OMG!

I haven't been weighing myself as I do not have a weighing scale at home. I recently got one as a free gift from Citibank and got on it. I knew I have put on some weight from the clothes I wear, but 5kgs?! Now, tell me, how do I shed this off? I know the best way is exercising, but I'm a lazy bum and most times after work I'd prefer to rush straight home and hang out with the kids (or the notebook :P). I am trying to east less for dinner... less rice, more vegetables... (even that is kinda hard if we eat out). So, anyone with some bright ideas which doesn't cost a lot?


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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
What's in Your Soup?
For the past 2 weeks or so, I've been faced with some issues with Supini. She seems to take some things into her own hands. From the title above, I guess what we're facing has something to do with soups *LOL*.

Daily, we boil soup at home. Recently, hubs has started instructing Supini on how to do it, buying the ingredients and letting her clean/prepare them and just "dump" into the pot. Simple enough, right?

One day, she decided that she wanted to cook corn soup, so she took out all the corn which I bought the night before at Giant and prepared them. Then my hubs came home (in the morning) with soup ingredients for the day - Lotus Root and Pork bones. Guess what happened? In the evening when I came home, hubs complained to me that we have a new kind of soup which SIL#1 says tasted like "Lin Chee Kang" (a type of Chinese dessert). Supini actually dumped in the lin ngau PLUS all the corn which she initially prepared. OMG! For me, it's not too big a deal as the taste is palatable although we can hardly taste the Lotus Root with all the corn in there.

When asked why she did that, she told me that she already prepared them so she dumped them in as well. I told her off saying that it can be kept for another day. Case closed.

Then the next day, hubs brought home sai yeong choy (don't know what it's called in English) with Pork bones. Guess what we found in the evening? Sai yeong choy PLUS little bits of lin ngau. Geez... SIL#2 laughed so loud, she said, "I think she added corn into the lin ngau soup and kept 1 piece of lin ngau. Then today she improvised again and added the lin ngau into the sai yeong choy soup."

I asked her what made her do that. Her replay was simply that it won't happen again. Well, it'd better not because we like our soups the traditional way and the way it's supposed to taste :P. It really puzzles me as to why she felt she needed to retain that 1 portion of lin ngau and add it to the soup the next day. SIL#2 told her she's better not retain anymore ingredients in the future and add into other kinds of soups *LOL*.

Other than the soup incident, she's a pretty OK maid. A little slow to react to what she's told to do, which I quite dislike, but at least I can see that she works well and the kids are well looked after. I just hope that the quality of her work won't degrade over time.


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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Smorty, Here I Come!
Psst... have you heard of Smorty? Smorty is a service which connects bloggers to advertisers.

If you're among those who are constantly online and have a blog of your own, you will surely be so thrilled to know that you can now blog for money! Blog advertising is so easy. All you have to do is just write some opinion posts with link backs to the advertiser. What I normally do is just go into the advertiser's website and browse through, read the requirements of the opportunity and then do a simple review on it. Easy.

Bringing it even further still, Smorty makes it even easier for its members. They actually email you when an opportunity that suits your blog is available! What more can we ask for? All you have to do is just log in as soon as you can and grab the opportunity available to you. What are you waiting for now, hop on over and sign up now!


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