Monday, September 10, 2007
Here I Am!
Phew! After being MIA for over 2 months, I'm back. Not that I'm too busy to blog or anything, but you know, it's like there are always something to do. And when there is nothing to do and it's time for blogging, I just feel like lazing on the bed, which usually end up with me snoring away *hahaha*.

So. Life has been great. The kids are great. Family is great too. I couldn't wish for anything better.

Umm... except that things can get pretty monotonous, don't you think? I mean... is life only about waking up, going to work, coming home, having dinner, playing with the kids, going to bed, and then repeat the whole process again ten million times? *sigh*

Sorry for being so fickle :P


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  • At 11/9/07 4:46 PM, Blogger Annie Q said…

    me having the same feeling as u!

  • At 14/9/07 3:24 PM, Anonymous mom2ashley said…

    yea i know what you mean.....

  • At 20/9/07 8:46 AM, Blogger Baby Smooches said…

    yea, we do get that kind of feeling now and then. Tell you what, to take away that monotous feel, how about we have lunch together soon since our office are nearby? sometime next week? ;-)

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