Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Princess Elina
We happened to drop by at the Curve on the 31st of May and chanced upon a Barbie promotion. I, being the kiasu mommy sometimes, saw that they were letting people take pictures with a live Barbie. Now I have always been a Barbie fan, when I was little. Seeing that Ivan also wants to have his picture taken, I quickly lined him up, not knowing if I can, am entitled or how to go about it.
Anyway, they were closing off the line (or maybe they HAVE closed it off) but anyway, it was about 8-ish in the evening and the emcee decided to let Ivan go anyway since the boy was already on stage. I was actually quite surprised that Ivan was willing to go up there by himself and pose with the lady. He's normally not so cooperative.

However, just when the emcee said, "Well, okay, just one last picture then," I can actually hear some people say something like, "So unfair!" I guess some other moms didn't manage to get pictures as Princess Elina was leaving and they closed off the line. Blur me just simply pushed Ivan forward into the line coz I just arrived at the place! So paiseh, but at least I have a picture... *LOL*!

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