Saturday, November 10, 2007
In my current company, we have annual dinner, well, annually. Sometimes they do it together with the annual trip (which is not so annual these days), sometimes by itself when there is no annual trip. We just had our annual dinner last weekend at The Grand Bluewave Hotel, which is the ONLY hotel of choice due to it being so close to office and I guess one of the more affordable hotels around here.

I must say that after so many functions being held there by our company for the past 3 years or more after my company shifted to Shah Alam, this is the worst they've done. The hotel staffs are totally unprepared for such a huge group of people. Decos are totally thumbs down and the service is downright bad.

After being seated and hearing some opening speeches by the CEO and Executive Director, we were invited to stand up for a toast... with empty cups! Tea wasn't served till much later (for half the tables there, of course those big shots seated in front got lah) and even the sauce plates were empty. I really don't mean to be critical, but aren't the sauce plates supposed to be filled up before the guests even arrive? Other than that, food were plopped down on the table without anyone serving us, we actually had to dish out the sharksfin and other foods by ourselves! And this is a hotel ballroom we're talking about!

That put aside, the gifts were shitty this year too... tonnes of stuffs which people do not want but something for everyone. Previous years, we had a lot of nice gifts. On top of that, there were special draws for early birds as well as door gift for all who attended. For the past 2 years, they kinda changed the whole thing and say that everyone will go home with a gift, no matter big or small. Well, I was wondering to myself, what's the point of having L-U-C-K-Y draw when what you get is shitty. Seriously, will it make you feel lucky if you were to get a toaster? Darn, if I wanted a toaster I'd have gotten one sooner than this (I did get a toaster for a lucky draw 2 years ago :S)!

Anyway, as I was saying, gifts were shitty this year. We have a total of 400 over gifts, only the top 27 were "good gifts" consisting of Mont Blanc pens, plasma TVs, notebook, etc. The remaining 400 or so, are all rubbish I tell you. IMHO, I'd rather not get anything and have like 100 tops gifts which are good ones than having 400 which are shitty ones.

So, what do you think I got this year?

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  • At 10/11/07 11:32 PM, Blogger 1+2mom said…

    seem you company wanted to cut cost. I rather get more bonus than waste the money to have this kind of annual dinner.

    Dun tell me you get another toster again?

  • At 11/11/07 9:02 PM, Anonymous Vien said…

    Okay, when you said shitty..i'm guessing free vouchers. You know how some companies can "recycle" the gifts they get from their vendors. I got a recycled gift basket(hamper) for last Xmas. I guess I'd jinxed myself 'cos just when I opened my big fat mouth, "I don't wanna get that"...they called out my name. *sigh*

  • At 12/11/07 7:04 PM, Blogger shern's mom said…

    i think you get a toaster, again!

  • At 14/11/07 11:14 AM, Blogger Annie Q said…

    eh..not toaster again ar? or table fan? hahahaha..normally this is all the gifts will in the list!

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