Thursday, November 08, 2007
Mini Cheese Tarts

As I said, I was in a baking frenzy every time I went back to my mum's... mostly it's because my mum has got all the baking tools I need whereas my house has nothing. Of course, like any chef at work, I have my own assistant, namely Apprentice Ivan *hehehe*.

helping destroy make the tart

washing hands after wasting some pastry

These cheese tarts are pretty easy to make and most importantly, my kids love it. It went well from the first time I made it. Got the recipe from my aunt who also happens to love baking. These days however, both kids like to eat just the middle, licking off the jam first and then the cheese, and leaving the crust on the table.

bite-sized cheese tarts

The next item I would love to try are some banana cupcakes and strawberry swirl cheese cake. I'm still looking for a nice banana cupcake recipe, if any of you tried and tested any good ones, do let me try it!


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