Friday, September 23, 2005
Seven Things
Gonna do my tag now... Ivan slept on time *hooray!*

7 things I plan to do before I die:
1) Write a will, make sure my family can get my money fast rather than wait for years!
2) Get a tattoo of my children's names
3) Quit my job and TRY to be a good SAHM
4) Travel the world with hubby, better still with my mother also
5) Blog more, so that when I'm no longer around my children can still get a piece of me :P
6) Get out more for catch-ups time with my friends
7) Tell everyone I love, that I love them thiiiiiiiiiiiiissssss much!

7 things I could do:
1) Be a better mummy & spend more time with Ivan
2) Be a better wife & spend more time with hubby
3) Spend more time talking with baby #2 in my tummy
4) Be a better daughter to my mother & stepdad
5) Be a better sister to my brothers & sisters
6) Be a better person & do more good deeds
7) Be more patient & stop cursing while driving to work in the mornings

7 celebrity crushes:
1) Sammi Cheng (like her songs)
2) Bond (like their music)
3) ei... very difficult to get these names leh
4) can skip ar?
5) later only fill in can ar?
6) just act like you never see this part lar
7) ...

7 often repeated words:
1) shaddap / diam (to my colleague technicians)
2) nia seng (to my colleague technicians)
3) pain-pain ar?
4) baby want mum-mum?
5) come mummy carry
6) be careful hah
7) come mummy sayang

7 physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1) tall-ish
2) meaty-ish (don't like anorexic men la)
3) hairy-ish legs (don't like pak cham kai (Cantonese:hairless) la)
4) strong arms
5) big feet
6) nice smile
7) great teeth (only trait hubby don't have leh... good what, he have 6 out of 7... LOL)

7 tags go to:
1) Michelle
2) Evelyn
3) Zara's mama
4) Janie
5) Shopping Mum
6) Sabrina
7) Egghead
All of the above, don't do it if you don't want to... and don't kill me when you read this. I'm a new blogger and don't know anyone else who hasn't done this meme *whimper whimper*

Done! Now I can pass up my homework to the people who tagged me... namely Jefferene and Hui Sia... you happy now?!?! *hands on hips* heheh...


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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Sports Rims Anyone?

What is it with men and all things useless? What is it with men and sports rims, car stereos, useless upgrades and the likes?

Yesterday, hubby sent my car to the workshop for service. When I met up with him after my checkup with the gynaecologist, he told me that he has ordered the technician to change my car's sports rims and tyres to one that costs more than RM3k. Now, I am a person who hates finding out things last, especially things that have to do with my family or me. Car tyres I can understand as it is wear and tear, but sports rims?!! So, I flew into a tantrum for these simple reasons:

1) I dislike hubby being goaded into buying things that are not planned (he is easily talked into spending money)
2) I dislike hubby spending large amounts of money and not discussing with me beforehand
3) I do not see why he is reluctant to spend good money on a more expensive but better (maybe?) baby car seat when he can spend it in the blink of an eye on something like a set of sports rims
4) I do not see the need to change the car's sports rims when the current one is still functoning like a rim should

I sulked for half a day (hubby is a man of few words most times and very bad at pacifying me). When the sulking is done, being the person that I am, I asked myself, "Did I over react? Should I have been a more supportive wife and let hubby indulge himself since he works hard for the money?" I can never get a satisfying answer for my own questions.

But one thing I do know. While we asked these questions, the men might also be asking:
What is it with women and all things useless? What is it with women and expensive prams, baby car seats, baby safety gates and the likes?


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