Friday, May 25, 2007
I See My Desk
For the past few weeks, even months, work has been continually piling up on my desk. Everything seems urgent and of top priority, makes you go dumbfounded and wonder where to start. Finally after a whole week of working overtime till about 8.00pm - 8.30pm (like we've got no home like that), I am finally able to say that I can slow down and take a breather (can see desk liao means work must have been cleared a lot).

Tomorrow is a working Saturday for me. I think working on Saturdays is such a waste of time. Where I work, we do alternate Saturdays, meaning each Saturday there is only half the workforce working (not literally *haha*). It's such a waste of time, By the time our systems warm up and work is starting to flow through nicely, it's time to go home *ugh*. Normally, Saturdays are used for tying loose ends and for doing menial works like filing and archiving (weekdays where got time, phone cannot even stop ringing for us to do some proper work). But tomorrow, I'll be taking it slow (haven't been filing for months *eek!*).

Hopefully this weekend I will be able to update more things that are currently kept at the back of my mind in my other blog. Tonnes about the kids!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007
Of Tearful Mornings
For a working mother, I guess one of the most difficult things we have to face in the mornings is a tearful child when we leave for work. I cannot bear to see my kids crying first thing in the morning but difficult as it may be, we have to do it and get out of the house, or end up staying home or being late almost every morning.

One thing though, I somehow think that kids have a sixth sense. For example, Izac will squirm in his sleep just as it is time for me to wake up, asking to be fed. It's as if he knows that I will be getting up and is trying to prevent me from doing so. And it takes him ages when he's at the breast, I think he's suckling for fun *LOL* or for comfort, not really doing it because he's hungry?

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Saturday, May 19, 2007
Of Overtimes and Overworked
My superior just got promoted to assistant service manager recently. I think he was senior engineer for longest time. It's high time they promoted him, I'm happy for him.

The past few weeks have been havoc at my workplace. I have tonnes of work that I can't seem to get rid of. The faster I work, the faster they seem to "work" at piling in again. I think "work" is trying to drown me.

I think this trend will continue for the remaining 2 weeks of this month, as I have been requested to do overtime everyday until 8.00pm (if possible, he says) and also on Saturdays, when it's not our working weekend. As a compensation, we will be given "earned leave" for the times we work ie. 4 hours equals half a day of leave (which we have to use up by the end of this year). This is the first time ever that they are giving such a compensation for us support staffs working overtime. Normally, support staffs are not entitled to overtime pay and stuff like that, very sad case indeed.

I do want to do OT to clear off the pending stuff as soon as possible but I keep getting a nagging feeling that my kids might be refusing dinner, not have their shower yet, etc etc that as soon as it reaches 7.00 in the workplace. By then I'm already all fidgety, wanting to go home.

When I reach home, if they're not fed, I try to stuff their face with as much food as they are willing to take, shower Ivan if he's still sticky all over, have a late dinner myself (hubs will be lazing on the floor or sleeping as usual), inform Supini of her duties tomorrow and then pack the kids up to bed.

I know it's sad, sometimes we hardly have time to really play with the kids after work. We do get cuddle time and some play time before sleep in the bedroom. But sometimes, after a long day at work, I tend to just want to put them to bed and drop off myself. For the past 2 weeks I have been hoping to get some time to blog hop, clear my feedreader, do a few scraps and update my blog after they go to sleep... but what happened? Too tired!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007
Endless Work
When I last posted on my kids' blog, I assumed that I would be able to continue updating more frquently from then on. How wrong I was. Work didn't ease up, but kept piling in, more and more.

Sometimes I feel mentally tired from all the work, so much so that they seem to be monotonous and repetitive. During these times, I fantasize for the times when I do not need to work but stay at home with the kids as a stay-at-home-mom. Believe me, that will immediately bring me back down to earth too *LOL* because I know being a SAHM requires even more tolerance and hard work (coz that would be a 24-hour job, with no easing up!).

My workplace has recently added a new manager who will oversee the whole department, a lady boss. Everyone foresee more work and a more stringent environment, because you know lah... people tend to think lady bosses are anal mah. What do you think?

Another addition is a new service administrator who will help out in the spareparts operation. From what I can see thus far, she seem to not be able to cope. Although new, a person who is capable can be identified right away. So far, with only easy tasks delegated to her, she's taken far too long to complete them, half the time talking on her mobile to friends and even chatting excessively on MSN. I do not know if she's trying to avoid more jobs by doing things slowly or if she really IS that slow. *Sigh* Additionally, the jobs assigned to her has been wrongly done (even after doing them at snail's pace) and required us to redo (this means double work and waste of time). I just hope she bucks up, warranty department required us to be on our toes at every moment because we deal directly with fuming customers.

Work's evolving for me. Tasks which I have been doing will be delegated to other colleagues and I am to be in charge of something else. I seriously hope that does not mean endless overtimes.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007
Of Toilet Going and Such
I'm just wondering, any of you tend to work and be too lazy to go to the toilet? Or rather, do you tend to be so engrossed in something, put off going to the toilet and then totally forgot that you needed to go in the first place?

Well, this happens to me all the time! You can call me lazy or crazy or whatever, but I just can't get my butt to move from my cubicle to the toilet... which is in fact not that far away from my department. Most times, I am too caught up in my work. You know how it is when you get the ball rolling and the momentum builds up, you don't really want something to interrupt the flow, much less by a need to go to the toilet. So then I would think to myself, "OK, once I finish this (whatever I'm doing) I'll go to the toilet". But when I finish THAT thing I was doing, something else tends to crop up and then I'll totally forget that I have been meaning to go relieve myself. Duh! Err... could it be due to a mommy's deteriorating memory ah?

And since we're on the topic of toilet, I used to think that the women will always be more hygienic than the men. I was proven wrong at my workplace. It seems that women too can be darn sloppy. To name a few things which pisses me off when I visit the toilet:

1. unflushed toilet (with or without something floating inside... eww!)
2. wads and wads of toilet tissue in the toilet bowl, unflushed (eh, trying to kill all the tress or what?)
3. drips of blood on the floor (sorry ah, a bit too graphic... double eww!)
4. whole toilet cubicle looks like a war zone

With regards to point number 3, I think it's downright bad that if they see it and know that the drip belongs to them and don't wipe it up with tissue. We don't want people stepping on it and then smearing it all over the floor do we? *sigh* I guess some people will never learn to be courteous (yeah mah... even in toilet also must be courteous what?!).

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Good Helpers
I seldom admit this but yes, my SILs are really good helpers to me when am stressed out with handling the kids. I love it when SIL#1 pops by our house, coz that means she can keep both Ivan and Izac occupied for a while while I catch a quick shower (if I haven't managed to that day). Both my kids love her to bits, even when they were very little and didn't know any better.

Whenever she comes by, Ivan will be jumping with joy too, as it could mean that he will be brought for a "Barney ride". He loves the Barney coin operated ride in 1Utama. It's a treat for him whenever SIL drops by. Soon Izac will be joining them as well as he's starting to love going out.

SIL#2 helps out too. She stays with us and after returning from work with Hubs in the afternoon (normally after lunch), she sometimes forego her nap to play with Ivan or keep an eye on them while the maid does her chores.

Most times, even when we appreciate people for their helpfulness, we tend to not let it show. It's true in my case, I do not tell them that they are appreciated, but in my heart, I do... very much so. Soon, these 2 people will be gone, off to Europe as they have obtained a "Work and Travel" visa for the UK. They'll be travelling Europe, and hopefully work, for the coming 2 years. They'll be gone in July. I hope my kids will not miss them too much. I'm sure I will!

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Monday, May 07, 2007
Of Bumps on Wobbly Toddlers' Heads
Izac walks like a drunkard even now when he is already 15 months old. He started walking or rather trying to walk when he turned 13 and a half months. Back then, he walks with his hands in front, trying to balance and walking too darn fast, trying to reach the next person holding out their hand to him. Now it's not much different than last time, he still walks unsteadily, without the hands in front though.

Yesterday he had a bad fall. He fell backwards and knocked his bald head on a little step in the doorway that leads into the kitchen. I was but a few steps away from him but things happened so fast I couldn't have done anything to stop it. He just woke up and he was standing there near the fridge. It was caused by him stepping on his a-little-too-long jammies and fell backward. I screamed so loudly, as if it would help him feel less pain, as if it would make it all better for myself too.

So then, I applied some fung yau (medicated oil) to the area and kept rubbing there every now and then. He did not sleep well yesterday, tossing and turning at night. Only slept well when I was sleeping next to him. I have been keeping a close eye on him to see if he:
1. felt especially lethargic / looks sleepy most of the time
2. vomits
3. show any signs of a concussion

Today his head is showing a huge bump the size of half a mini cocktail sausage. I have just reapplied some oil to it and lightly rubbing it to reduce the swelling. Touch wood, so far he seems his happy self and I truly hope it won't happen again. This poor boy has had more than his fair share of falls, much much more than Ivan ever did.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007
Of Clingy Kids and a Short-Fused Mom
As said in this previous post, I got home at around 7-ish pm after purchasing some gifts for some children (not mine :P). As soon as I opened the front door, Ivan saw me and wanted to get to the door. Hubs and SIL#2 warned him to sit down and I was told he started his meal an hour ago and there was still a whole bowl of rice from what I can see. I was like, "Sheeesh... here we go again". I knew it would take him another half an hour to finish that (and it did!).

In the meantime, the lil one heard my voice even when he's in the kitchen with Supini. I can hear him going, "Um-mah... um-mah... um-mah". And again, I went, "Alamak!". He saw me and from then on, clung to me like I'm gonna desert him or something.

So it was destined that I have a 15-months-old in my left arm while I struggle to feed my 2 and half year old with my right hand. And while I was doing that, with Izac occasionally lying down, squirming, moaning, crying and what-have-yous, Hubs laid luxuriously on the sofa as he watched TV.

Nope, the kids don't want him when I'm home. Unless, of course, when they see him dressed up properly and looks as if he's going somewhere! After completing the task of feeding Mr Two-and-a-half-year-old, I planned to bathe him. I failed because Mr-15-months-old refused to leave me.

I think I had my dinner at 8-ish pm that day, but it's dinner interrupted by kids trying to climb up on my lap. I really have no appetite when I have interrupted meals. I can gobble up a meal in no time if I'm uninterrupted and I would have preferred to eat standing in the kitchen if I'm able to get away from them if just for a few minutes.

Fast forward to bed time. By 9.30 pm, I usually drag them upstairs for bed. Before that, I asked Supini to give Ivan a wipe and a change of clothing... and nope, Ivan doesn't want her to do it. Mommy has to do it. So it starts again... whining and everything mommy mommy mommy. By this time I am about to start going bonkers and voice level can be heard a few decibels higher than normal. Wipe him I did, with my one free hand, and after which I commanded that he let Auntie wear his baju.

Up we go to the room, and Ivan decided that jumping on the bed is fun. Needless to say, little brother Izac saw all the fun kor-kor's having and decided to join in. Frazzled mommy on the smaller mattress, with one hand out trying to prevent the little one from falling and at the same time, tried to fill up a syringe with medicine for the kids. Now can you imagine that? It's a huuuuuge task trying that, medicine dripped on the mattress and finally mommy blew her cool. I screamed at the two fellas to stop and plop Izac down on the bed. I was finally able to get the medicines down, amidst crying.

After that, lights out and things finally began to settle down. I would guess that it was then past 10.00 pm. Finally, after the kids settled down, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief, and sometimes I even wonder to myself how come I can't be more patient with them. This is one of the more difficult evenings with them.

So you know lah, for the past 2 weeks, have been tired and downright lazy. I plop myself down beside them after then drop off to sleep, and I sleep too. No blogging.

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Friday, May 04, 2007
Back to the Daily Grind
Doesn't the long breaks always leave us so lazy to return to work? Every time I have breaks like these, it makes me just want to quit the job and stay at home when the times comes for me to resume work... *LOL*. But believe me, thats just a passing thought, mind you. I don't think I am stay-at-home-mom material, not for the long term at least.

Yesterday was one such day. I returned to work after 4 and a half days of lazing around (a bit la, with kids how to laze 24/7 wor?). I woke up late due to leaving the mobile phone downstairs (ok, ok, I was lazy). Then since I was late, both kids woke up before I could escape so I was temporarily held back. I finally reached the office at about 10.00am and guess what? Need to have an excuse for being late ma, so I quickly applied for "out of office" and put the excuse reason as "tyre puncture" (convenient reason but not to be used too frequently).

Anyway, the day passed by quite quickly as I have tonnes to do (we just got a new girl in and I wonder why I still have tonnes of work) and I left on time so that I could swing by 1Utama to get some presents for some birthday boys and girls without lugging the kids along. I arranged to meet Jazzmint there, so we kind of looked around and tried our best to figure out what presents would be best for 2-year-olds. She left before I did as she had other plans but she got her loot. I went browsing some more and if you know me, I'm damn fickle wan... look look look, I ended up just buying 2 presents when what I needed was 5 (can you imagine what a pokai month this is for me?).

When I reached home, there was war brewing...

(to be continued...)

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