Monday, October 24, 2005
Photoshop Attempt #2: The Flatten Image Option

Another attempt using my limited Photoshop skill… this time I learnt how to use the Flatten Image Option. I was scratching my head, trying to do some photo editing by myself without sifu's (Cantonese: master's) help, but to no avail. I did not know how to use most of the options. Luckily, she did the second lesson so soon. Now I roughly know how to merge the many files together to get one nice poster. This one is much easier than the Lasso Tool. I need more practice and ideas though.


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Thursday, October 20, 2005
Photoshop Attempt #1: The Lasso Tool

After reading Jazzmint's Dualtone Tutorial on the lasso tool, I decided to obtain myself a copy of Adobe Photoshop 7.0 from my colleague and try it myself. The outcome: so-so, lots of room for improvement.

I must say that this magnetic lasso tool is not that easy to use, unless of course, there is a clear-cut line on the photo itself. Additionally, steady hands or cursor helps as the dots are plotted automatically. Finally, do remember to enlarge the photo for easier plotting.


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Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Audit Me Not!
My company is going for ISO certification. Tomorrow will be my turn, tomorrow I kena audit (Malay: being audited). This sucks, I hate being interviewed and being put under the spotlight. I have no problems with the procedures and workflow, but they just keep changing it since September. Until now, I am not so sure anymore. And the company makes it seems like if we fail the audit, it is us who caused the company its ISO standard. Cheh! I guess this is one of the things causing my frustration with Ivan’s behavior tonight.

I need a rest.

I need a break from work to be at home with my baby.


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Monday, October 10, 2005
Two Items
Had a money spending trip with my mum at Carrefour yesterday. We were in line to pay for our purchases when a man stepped into the middle of the long queue (of course a few places in front of us lah).

Sue : Look at Malay Man (MM) fidgeting and not really in line, continue talking to mum... blah blah blah. Look at MM again, up and down.

MM : "Err... saya ada 2 item saja." (Malay: I have only 2 items).

Sue : Look incredulous and glance at the people lining in front and at the back. Look at the sign above the counter "10 items or less". "Sini semua orang pun sikit barang saja. Tolong beratur." (Malay: Everyone here have very few items. Please line up).

MM : Refused to budge, probably weighing the pros and cons of going full on with a flustered mum. Umm... maybe afraid that I was going to raise my voice heheh...

Sue : Keep staring at MM, this goes on and off for a few minutes.

MM : Quietly creep away.

I guess if MM had caught me in a reeeaaallly sweet mood or if he had asked politely to queue in front of me, I would have let him. But then again, there were so many people in line... he would have to ask everyone else behind me for permission as well, wouldn't he? Geez...


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Friday, October 07, 2005
Give the Brakes a Break!
I was driving behind a Jeep on the way home yesterday. The Jeep blocked my view from the cars in front, clouding my judgment as to when I should step on my brakes.

This is not the problem.

The problem lies with the Jeep's brake. It seems the owner is addicted to stepping on it every 2 seconds. Now I ask myself everytime I see drivers act like their brake pads come with lifetime warranty: Why do these people step on their brakes when the car in front is not even near, or when they are not preparing to change lanes???

The worse part is that my car nearly kissed the Jeep's butt. I was fed up with tailing the Jeep with its ever flashing tail lights, so I decided to change lanes to the middle. To do this, I need to consult my left mirror. What do you know... as I was looking at the mirror and trying to cut over, the stupid Jeep braked again. Walao... I had to swerve left to avoid hitting the Jeep. My car was lucky to avoid it, but I was feeling faint.

From what I know, there are some people who drive with their right feet on the accelerator and their left feet on the brake. Out of 10, I daresay there will be 2 or 3. These people have no idea that they are actually stepping on the brakes, thus making the person driving behind them look like idiots... accelerate... brake... accelerate... brake... What? Tango on the road ar? *rolls eyes*

Note to these people, please go for refresher courses in driving... you're doing it the WRONG way and a you're hazard to other drivers.


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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Technology & Insecurity

5 minutes ago, my notebook encountered blue screen and physical memory dump. As I was halfway through typing in MSN messenger, I was like, "What happened?!?! Shit!" Then I proceeded to force shutdown the stupid machine. After rebooting, I thought to myself ~ wah, need to backup my things liao.

My thoughts automatically go to all my pictures, emails & various data stored in the small little hard disk. Of course, I do have some of the data already backed up in CDs and another external HDD, but not very recently. The question now is: Is it enough? Is burning data to discs and copying them to another HDD enough? What if they fail too? What if the CD got scratched and the data in there cannot be retrieved? Should I burn 1 CD? 2 CDs? 3CDs?

So insecure... and over what? Something as intangible as data. And all this intangible data brought on by what? Technology lor... heheheh.


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