Thursday, June 14, 2007
Of Lightning and Modems
Rain, I don't really hate rain. Actually, I love rain if I'm at home and in bed, dry. But lightning, that's another matter altogether. Hate it. And guess what it did today? It fried my modem. Left me with only dial up to use. I haven't been using dial up since I had Streamyx installed and goodness gracious, it's freaking slow!! And just when I have time to blog myself crazy after being MIA for so long. Geeeeeeez!


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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Princess Elina
We happened to drop by at the Curve on the 31st of May and chanced upon a Barbie promotion. I, being the kiasu mommy sometimes, saw that they were letting people take pictures with a live Barbie. Now I have always been a Barbie fan, when I was little. Seeing that Ivan also wants to have his picture taken, I quickly lined him up, not knowing if I can, am entitled or how to go about it.
Anyway, they were closing off the line (or maybe they HAVE closed it off) but anyway, it was about 8-ish in the evening and the emcee decided to let Ivan go anyway since the boy was already on stage. I was actually quite surprised that Ivan was willing to go up there by himself and pose with the lady. He's normally not so cooperative.

However, just when the emcee said, "Well, okay, just one last picture then," I can actually hear some people say something like, "So unfair!" I guess some other moms didn't manage to get pictures as Princess Elina was leaving and they closed off the line. Blur me just simply pushed Ivan forward into the line coz I just arrived at the place! So paiseh, but at least I have a picture... *LOL*!

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
I Like This Song
Yesterday night, I was sitting in front of the computer (next to the kids' bed) reading blogs as Ivan was dropping off to sleep by himself. In the darkness, his little voice softly said, "I like this song."

I said, "What?" I couldn't hear properly as his mouth was stuffed with his jut-jut.

"I like this song," he repeated.

I felt warmth all over just by him muttering the four simple words. On this blog, I have embedded a Richard Clayderman piano instrumental called Coup De Coeur. My little darling knows how to appreciate music. Actually, I really don't know why I felt as I did, but I just really felt warm and happy. I was surprised too that he actually told me he like this song.

"Yes darling, mommy also like it a lot," I replied. "Listen to it and go to sleep okay..."

And with that, he dropped off to slumberland.

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Monday, June 04, 2007
Homemade Cough Remedy
It seems so many people are down with flu, cough and what-nots these days. Vien's little cutie is also having prolonged cough and I thought I'd do a post on some homemade and traditional cough remedy which I have used for myself and my kids when they were suffering form hacking cough. Remember I had a cough which seemed to develop into bronchitis last year? Well, many people told me to try this plectranthus barbatus leaf and I was really reluctant at first, mostly because I'm not a fan of these homemade-bitter-tasting-alien-feel-drink.

Picture taken from here.

Anyway, after weeks and weeks of coughing and the phlegm seem to not come out, I decided to have a try. It's pretty simple. You basically just get a handful of this leaves, clean them, pound them and boil
(or double boil if you really want) them with rock sugar. After it's done (depending on how pungent you want it to be, sometimes we are so kiasu, we just boil and boil until the whole concoction turns thick) just sieve it to remove all the rubbish (ie. pounded leaves) from the liquid and drink it after it cools down a little.

Miraculously, I was healed after a few times drinking this. And I must admit that it does not taste half bad. Do try it if you're at wits end on how to get rid of your phlegmy cough and maybe to soothe that sore throat of your (from all that coughing!).


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Sunday, June 03, 2007
Of Mangoes and Having Em All Year Round
I love mangoes, specially the sour types which we can dip in spicy rojak sauce. It's mango season nearly the whole year round at my mum's house. I wonder why her trees have such bountiful yields of the fruits several times a year while some which I see looking so scrawny and fruitless at the times when hers are giving us fruits...

Care to have some?


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