Saturday, January 27, 2007
Just a quick product review on some cupcakes brought from Cuppakes, I promised Jazzmint that I would take a picture of them after I told her that I'm purchasing some for SIL#1's birthday. When I saw the pictures of the cupcakes on the website, they looked really special and pretty. The smallest package they have available was the Royal 9, just enough for the few of us because the others come in 20s or 30s in a box.


When I first got the package, picked up myself, the packaging was rather plain but nicely done with a nice ribbon. After opening the package to take a peek, I was rather disappointed that the cupcakes were quite squashed in the tight confines of the box. From the picture of the Royal 9 in their website and the picture I took above of those I got, I'm sure you will agree that they look totally different, not as pretty and as yummy looking.

tiramisu from bakerzin

The taste of the cupcakes itself (minus the icing) was quite nice. As for the icing,I think there was too much icing on the top (close to 1cm thick!) and they were too sweet. All in all, I think for the quality of the cupcakes, they are really not worth the price I paid. If they had been prettier, I think I wouldn't mind the price as I think most people purchase these cupcakes for the novelty of it.

My verdict: 5/10


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