Monday, April 30, 2007
Tom Yum Seafood
As I said before, I totally love spicy food. Sometimes I really go to the extreme of putting a lot of chilli in it until I cannot tahan myself *LOL*. Tom yum is one of my favorite soups of all time, my mum and my brother's wife Nok (who is a Thai) can cook it very well. However, please understand that this thing is homemade okay, so some of the ingredients weren't available at that time. You can basically put anything you fancy in it.

Ingredient A:

1) Lemongrass / Serai...... 4 stalks (sliced)
2) Galangal / Lengkuas..... 1 bulb, about 100gms (sliced)
3) Thai red chilli padi......... a handful, depends on how spicy you want the soup to be (pounded finely)
4) Limau perut leaves........ 6 pcs (break into 2 halves)
5) Fish sauce...................... 5 tbsp
6) Lime juice....................... 1 cup

Ingredient B *except for the seafood, the rest are all optional*:
1) Tiger prawns................... 200 gms (slit back, devein & clean up the sharp edges)
2) Squid............................... 5 pcs (cut into smaller rounds)
3) Chicken breast............... 200 gms (cut small)

4) Tomato............................ 1 pc (cut into 8 pcs)
5) Button mushroom (canned)... up to you
6) Oyster mushroom
7) Baby corn
8) Carrot

For soup base:
1) Put 3 litres of water in pot and bring it to boil. Dump in all items in ingredient A except for the lime juice.

2) Add 1 tsp of salt, and boil on high.
3) Let the soup boil until it's tasty and then sieve to remove all the junk inside, unless you like to eat them :P

To complete:
1) Dump in all ingredient B.
2) Lastly before serving, add lime juice to taste.

Additional note:
After sieving the soup, you should take out the amount you want to keep without adding in the lime juice. It's best to only add the lime juice right before serving to maintain the flavor of the lime.


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I Love It Here
Somehow, everytime I come over to my mum's place I tend to overstay *LOL*. I love staying at my mum's, when I am here I tend to be extra lazy as she's there to help me look after my two monkey.

I came over on Thursday evening after work and initially I planned to stay for only one night. Mana tau, end up I stayed for 4 nights already. Hubs must be wondering if I'm having a mini holiday here or something. Everyday I tell her "Yea yea, I'm leaving already." Then I'll dilly dally until the sun also set already and finally I decide to stay for another day. Ugh...

Now half of the long weekend is nearly gone. What have you done for this holiday?


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Sunday, April 29, 2007
Fried Long Beans with Sambal
My first food post for some homemade goodness. I love all types of spicy food, so please bear in mind that you can reduce or increase the amount of chilli used in my recipes.

Ingredient A:
1) Dried chilli.......... 4 pcs
2) Red chilli............. 2 pcs
3) Chilli padi .......... 6 pcs
4) Garlic ................ 4 pips
5) Shallot ............... 5 pcs
6) Dried shrimps .... a handful

Ingredient B:
1) Long beans ........ 1 bundle (cut into 1 inch sections)
2) Squid ................. 2 pcs (cut into smaller rounds)

Preparation of sambal:
Blend dried chilli (1) and pound the rest of the ingredients (2 - 6) using a mortar and pestle. Mix blended chilli and pounded paste together.

1) Put oil in wok. Once oil heats up, pour in sambal paste. Add in a pinch of sugar for a glossy look to the sambal (accoring to my mum, it works for all the chilli dishes that you cook). Fry the paste until aromatic and dry.

2) Add in sotong, fry for a while. Then pour in the long beans.

3) Add some water (how much will depend on how soft you want the beans to be), maybe half a cup or less, and fry till almost dry. Serve.


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Thursday, April 26, 2007
Supini Is...
... great!

I'm glad to say after being here for about two weeks now, the new maid Supini is beyond my expectations! Perhaps my expectation is already quite low due to two problematic maids which I had after Sutini took off but after packing up and returning home (we were staying at my mum's place while waiting for a maid to arrive), I wake up in the mornings to this maid doing stuff I didn't tell her to do... good stuff *stupid grin*.

The first day I woke up and went downstairs, I saw her digging out all the plates, tins and what-have-yous from the kitchen cabinet and wiping the cupboard! Man, can I tell you how surprised I was. The next day pulak I woke up and you know what? She asked me how to switch off the power for the fridge. Turns out that she wants to wipe the fridge and freezer! I was glad, so I just roughly show her where the switch is and told her not to leave it off for too long as there were things inside which have to be kept frozen. The 3rd morning I woke up and went downstairs (duh!) and I found her in the hall, wiping the display cabinet and all the bottles of liqour my hubs owns. I was like... OMG, I love this girl! *LOL*.

Well, the subsequent days went by in a blur as I was always rushing to work, but mostly in the mornings, she just tries to do the housework before the kids wake up.

One thing about her though is the body odour. She never switches on the fan unless we ask her to. Mind you, she sleeps without the fan, and I had to keep asking her "Kamu tak panas ke? Kalau panas buka kipas ya?" (Malay: You're not hot? If you're hot, switch on the fan okay?). Anyway, she listens well, when the kids are around, she keeps the fan on. And we've purchased some kinda soap which supposedly works for BO.

So far, I have no complaints. Oh, by the way, she can't cook. Luckily since she came, hubs have kinda made arrangements with MIL to be in our house from 7.00am to about 2.00pm to keep an eye on the maid and the kids, as well as do some cooking. So far, this is the best arrangement we have made, as I can go to work without worrying that the maid might run away laa or the kids got nothing decent to eat laa or etc etc etc that we mothers tend to think of to scare ourselves.

So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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Friday, April 13, 2007
New Maid
Finally, after months of choosing, applying and waiting for a new maid, she's finally here yesterday. I got her from a new agent, Rachel's agent to be exact. I really hope she will click with us and do her job well.

As of this morning when I left for work, Izac seemed to be okay with her, letting her carry him. They're still staying at my mum's house. Ivan, on the other hand, sticks to my mum like glue. That's normal for him, he's very attached to his grandmother. Hope that he will accept her soon. Till then, my mum will be around to pamper this boy, she loves to pamper him, sometimes too much.

Tonight I hope to finish a timetable for her. Got a template from Jazzmint, will amend it to suit my household's timing. Last time Sutini didn't need a timetable, she does things on her own accord and she does it quite well. Her subsequent temporary replacements were major headaches for me. That was when I thought that having a great 1st maid has spoilt me for the subsequent ones. None of them seem to meet my requirements well. Hmm... could it be that I am extremely picky? *LOL*

Oh, by the way, isn't it such a coincidence that the new maid's called Supini... *hahaha*


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