Thursday, December 29, 2005
New Kid on the Block
hello world

Name: Marcus Wong
Date of Birth: 23rd December 2005
Time of Birth: 18:37
Birth Weight: 3.61kg / 7.15lbs

A new friend for Ivan, but due to pantang (Malay: taboo) reasons, I have yet to meet the little bugger in person. Here's wishing both mum and baby health and fun times during confinement... heheh.


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Friday, December 23, 2005
As Busy As Can Bee

This morning I turned my Feedreader on and after one round of searching, my total unread blog feed went up to nearly 90 feeds. Never in all my blogging days have I left work with unread blogs. My oh my... I have been so busy that I have decided to simply leave the Feedreader off just so that I could concentrate in clearing workload before I dump it all on the new girl who is now helping me.

For three years in this current company, I have been the only person who does warranty claims for the whole department. Day in day out all I see is spare parts... good parts, faulty parts, broken parts. My job is to claim all that I can claim, for local parts as well as overseas parts. During my last round of pregnancy with Ivan, my workload has been dumped on a fellow colleague who already had her hands full with administrative work. She was promised that she would be compensated for chipping in extra time to do my job while I was on confinement. However, our very nice *rolls eyes* Human Resource department rejected her claims even after my department senior manager signed his approval on it. Their only reason: support staffs, other than technicians, are not entitled to claim for overtime. So she was left with nothing but wasted time spent on doing someone else's job for two months.

This time around, they have decided to hire a new girl to share this workload with me before I disappear yet again for confinement (seems the kiam siap (Hokkien: miserly) buggers they know they cannot get away from it this time, no one will be willing to do a job without pay for 2 months). So as you can imagine, last minute training for her and also effort to clear off tonnes of parts, which have been building up over the months due to increased sales quantity, has left me pretty tied up. As of today, I can proudly say that most of it is finally cleared and I can go for my confinement with a clear conscience.

So please all bear with me, I am trying to clear my reading list… though I doubt that I will have much time left to comment on your blog. And I do hope now that work is nearly over for the year, little Izac will decide to join us soon *can’t wait to see you baby!*.


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Saturday, December 17, 2005
My Inner Child
Read Msau's post yesterday, and saw it on Twinsmom and Egghead's blog... so here goes mine.

Your Inner Child Is Sad

You're a very sensitive soul.
You haven't grown that thick skin that most adults have.
Easily hurt, you tend to retreat to your comfort zone.
You don't let many people in - unless you've trusted them for a long time.


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