Sunday, November 27, 2005
Absolutely Divine Delicious!

Most people would not think of celebrating their wedding anniversary with a group of friends. The norm would be to have a quiet dinner with just the husband and wife present. Yesterday Yuen and Lym invited us to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary with them at Delicious by Ms Read in Bangsar Village. What an honour!

We arrived there a tad late… at approximately 8:10pm, but am happy to announce that we were not the latest *woohoo!*. This is the first time I have been to Ms Read’s after reading Dinah’s post on the chocolate fudge cake. At first sight, the ambience was nice. Quiet enough to have conversations and casual enough so that we do not have to be hush-hush all the time.

Food was delicious. I forgot did not get to take a picture of the appetizer because all the hungry people at our table were gobbling them down cannot wait to taste it. However, for the record… the appetizer was great, dismissing the fact that we almost missed tasting the liver pate, which was covered under butter with something black in the center. Yuen had thought that the cup of pate was, in fact, candle. My hubby who did not quite believe her, looked to the next table, which were also occupied by friends, and saw some of them eating the “candle”. So, mystery solved and we took a taste of the “candle” and found out that it was indeed liver pate (later confirmed by looking at the menu) *LOL*.

Main course comes with a choice of 3 types of pasta: Spicy Seafood, Eggplant Something (I cannot remember the name for the life of me!) and Spaghetti Carbonara. I tried all three (all friends mah... hehehe) and must conclude that the best was the spicy seafood; followed by the eggplant... the carbonara was a bit too creamy. Dessert was heavenly... we had chocolate brownie and strawberry drenched in chocolate sauce... yumm!

After dinner was relaxing, everyone was chatting there, Ivan had fun bullying Chloe, who gave out a LOUD cry! When it was time to go home, our little monkey did not want to go, and was kicking up a fuss when papa was strapping him into the car seat. It was a great night, not only for adults, but I am pretty sure little Ivan enjoyed it just as much… he kept nodding after each spoonful of food that went into his little mouth!

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